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News about the TRT manual

Austria: The Teaching Recovery Manual has been translated into German under the auspices of Sabine Kampmüller in Vienna. In Austria they run a number of groups in schools with many refugee children. The manual is not free to download, it requires that one has attended a training in its use.

Norway: The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has produced a report where they have evaluated the TRT for use with unaccompanied and accompanied minors (refugees). They conclude that the manual should be part of a chain of care for asylum-seeking and already settled children (<18 years). They also recommend that the manual is supplemented with material that address the stressors involved regarding the asylum process and uncertainty for the future. They also recommend that the implementation of TRT should have a strong anchoring in the organisations responsible. The report in Norwegian is available here.  Senior researcher Brit Oppedal presented the research at the ESTSS conference in Rotterdam on the 16th of June. An abstract can be found in the abstract book.

Adjusted manual: The original authors of the manual are already in the process of adjusting the manual to the needs of this special group, based on the feedback from this report and other feedback from countries where the manual are being used with minors that have fled to safety from dangerous situations in their home country.

New language versions available

We have researchers and clinicians in different parts of the world that contribute to make questionnaires available to download for free. Now italian colleagues led by dr. Alex Gravante has made available the Post-Traumatic Cognitions Inventory – child version (cPTCI) and the Trauma Memory Quality Questionnaire – 11 item version (TMQQ-11) in Italian. We are very grateful for having these instruments easily available for others to use.

Children of Syria

The Children and War Foundation try to do what it can to train group leaders that can help children inside Syria and in refugee camps in neighbouring countries. We know that if we teach children techniques to counteract posttraumatic reactions, it can make a difference.

While trying to reach more children we are in contact with professionals and others inside and outside of Syria and learn about the consequences of the war on children. Some of the stories and pictures we receive tear up our hearts and impress on our minds. With permission we share a mail from Nasser, one of the dedicated people who try to do something for the children inside Syria. We have decided not to show the accompanying pictures of the dead children here on the website, but they vividly show how horrible war is on children. We can only imagine how such images imprint on the mind of children who survive but live through such “attacks” on all their senses. It is so good that people like Nasser work to help them.


Dear Laura …

I wish you are well.

I want to tell you sad stories that happen to children in the city of Maarat al-Nu’man – Idlib province – northern Syria.

I hope these stories and pictures reach to the media.

Yesterday Friday, 22/2/2019 at 4:45 pm.

The city of Ma’arat al-Nu’man was bombed by the highly-explosive rockets from the Syrian army camps.

While children were playing in the street, a rocket landed near them, killing four children.

Three children of one family did not remain of this family except mother and father. When the news of the death of the children came to the father, the father cried a lot, and said, God, leave me one child.

Another child died. This child was the only one of his family who came to this world after nine years of marriage between his father and his mother.

We live in Idlib province with fear and horror.

At any moment a rocket might fall and kill innocent people.

I hope these pictures reach the media.

All the Best


Unaccompanied minors – can we live with our conscience?

The Board of Research and Implementation of the Children and War Foundation has over a long time been cocerned with the plight of children and  adolescents escaping dangerous and dehumanizing life situations to seek out a better future. In country after country it has been documented that their already difficult situation is made worse by the way they are met. As professionals we cannot passively accept that our policies regarding this group can create or increase mental health problems. We need to minimize further harm by formulating more humane policies. We have formulated a statement that can be read here

Lisbet Palme died on October 18.

We have with sadness received the news that Lisbet Palme died on October 18, 87 years old. Lisbet was a child psychologist by background and she chaired the Swedish UNICEF committee from 1987 until 2000. She was a member of the United Nations committee for follow-up of the Child Convention, chairperson of the UNICEF board, New York, and a member of the expert committee set up by the organization for African unity to look into the genocide in Rwanda. She worked relenlessly for children and made a difference in so many lifes across continents and nations. We are forever indepted for her contribution on the world scale, and also for our foundation which she supported from the beginning. She has been a member of our Board of Overseers since the foundation’s formation.

Training in the manual “Teaching Recovery Techniques (TRT)” London February 18-19, 2019

A new Teaching for Recovery Techniques (TRT) Training will be held in London on February 18-19, 2019

This training is for those who want to run groups, train others to run groups or who are looking for a “taster” session on behalf of a larger organization. Specific trainings to larges organizations are available on request.

A background in mental health is not necessary. Experience in working with young people is helpful. There are 20 places available.

Trainers will be Laura Tomlinson, David Trickey and Sarah Waugh.

Cost:  £300 per person which includes refreshments and a light lunch

More information can be found here

Training in the manual “Children and grief: Teaching Life Skills. London November 8-9, 2018

Four professionals, William Yule, Atle Dyregrov, Marianne Straume and the late Frances Kraus, have developed a bereavement manual aiming to help groups of children with bereavement reactions following a loss that results from war or large-scale disasters. Given the enormous variations in mourning rituals and beliefs, the manual was carefully evaluated by professionals from many different cultures to minimise causing offence. The Foundation has sponsored a trial and positive results have been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

A training in the use of this manual will be arranged in London on November 8-9, 2018. As this is skills based, the places are limited to 12. You can apply to:

More information can be found here

Summer newsletter for 2018

We would like to share with you our summer newsletter for 2018. If you haven’t recived it from us before, you can now find it by clicking on this link. Hope you’ll enjoy reading about CAW’s latest updates! Best of wishes

Portuguese version of CRIES-8 is now available

Thanks to Sabrina Magalhãesand colleagues a Portuguese version of CRIES-8 is now available. The background paper for this is found here. The Children’s Revised Impact of Event Scale (CRIES) is an instrument for assessing posttraumatic stress among children and almost 30 language versions are free to download from our website.

The Kavli trust awards money to test the TRT manual

The Norwegian Kavli Trust has awarded 8.562 million Norwegian kroner to evaluation of the Teaching Recovery Techniques Intervention to decrease mental health symptoms and increase coping among refugee and asylum seeking children (granted 8.562 M NOK). We welcome sudies of the manual and look forward to have a broadened knowledge- and evidence-base for implementation of the manual among refugees.

More information can be found here