TRT training following the earthquake in Turkye

On 6 February 2023, two earthquakes with magnitude 7.8 and 7.5 heavily affected Southeastern provinces in Southern and Southeastern Turkiye, where almost 14 million people reside including around 2 million Syrian refugees.With funding from Grieg Foundation, CAW responded to request for training to helpers who work with traumatized children and provided an Online TRT training. The 3-day course was at the end of April. The trainers were Alba Banoun and Helen Christie.

The training was a webinar (by zoom). Most of the 18 participants work for non governmental organisations or 3 different Universities in Turkiye. There were also a few people from other countries. The Turkish participants were working with victims from the big earthquake, while the other participants worked in their homeland with refugee children as well as doing some work connected to the war in Ukraine. Other participants had wanted to join were not able, for example due to because of lack of electricity or internet.

During the workshop the participants also worked in small groups (in break-up-rooms) where they practiced the tools.  The evaluation of the course was very positive. The Turkish organization planned to use the tools in their direct clinical work and discussed setting up pairs that could carry out group meetings with children referred to them. They also planned conducting a workshop for helpers in August. The Turkish participants were not only helpers, but victims themselves of the earthquake and some had their own children who had been affected by the trauma. Children’s questions about what happens when someone die, when someone is buried alive under the ruins etc. were discussed.  Alba and Helen also provided supervision in August to those who had taken part in the course.

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When disasters and war strike, so many children are affected. CAW has developed methods which enable us to reach out to large groups of children by helping them cope with their fear and trauma.

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