TRT Refresher training Online Middle-East successfully completed

Photo by: Mughira AlSharif

On the 31st March and the 7th April 2023, one-day refresher TRT trainings were delivered online to mental health and psychosocial workers in different organisations located in Syria and Turkey working on the Turkey/Syria earthquake response.

A total of 35 participants took part in the trainings, split into two different training days.  All participants have experience working with children in war zones and are currently full-time employees or volunteers in organisations located in Turkey, Syria and Iraq mostly responding to the Syria/Turkey earthquake response.

Participants plan to use the TRT program as part of their main MPSS response to the Syria/Turkey earthquake in the coming months.  CAW will offer supervision sessions during and after implementation cycles in the coming months.

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When disasters and war strike, so many children are affected. CAW has developed methods which enable us to reach out to large groups of children by helping them cope with their fear and trauma.

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