TRT Online Training: Afrin, Syria

From the 13th to 25th January 2019,  TRT training was delivered online to a team of psychosocial supporters located in North Syria – Afrin, Governate of Idlib.  The training was led by Dr Masa Al-kurdi, co-training with Lamia Gorra. Trainers were located outside of Syria, the former in Dubai, UAE, and the latter, London Ontario, Canada.  Trainees were located in hard-to-reach North Syria in a town near the city of Afrin in the Governate of Idlib. A total of 12 participants took part in the training (7 females, 5 males).

The team had previously been trained online by Insan management and expert team on different psychosocial programs including psychosocial first aid and working with children and adults in emergencies. All participants had experience of working with children in war zones. Three of the participants were full-time employees of Insan: operation manager, community outreach manager, and psychosocial project manager.  The remaining participants were school teachers in the local area, who, after school working hours, would volunteer / work with Insan to deliver psychosocial programs to children and adults in the local community.

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