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The Children and War Foundation (CAW) was established in Bergen in 2000. The aim was to help children cope after wars and natural disasters through developing evidence-based methods.

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Thanks to donations from individuals, companies or governments the Children and War Foundation is able to help children after wars and disasters.

Children and War is a non-profit organisation.

From the use of our manual in Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and Finland, we know that it can reduce distress in children. We continue to improve and train people in our measures, train more people in the manual, support research projects and publish useful tools on our website. We also continue to develop new methods, as well as update existing ones. Based on feedback from organisations using our Teaching Recovery Techniques manual we now update it for better use with unaccompanied minors coming to Europe. We welcome donations to undertake research projects as well as to the Foundation’s general funds. We will distribute it where we think it will give the best results and help most children, whether that is a developing a new manual, dedicated project or  workshops.

You can make a payment to our bank account:

Children and War Foundation at Kluge Law Firm
Postboks 394 Sentrum
N-5805 Bergen

IBAN: NO13 5202 05 73872, SWIFT: DNBANOKK.

Please contact if you have any questions regarding donations:


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