Successful course in Hanoi

In January Unni Heltne gave a 2.5 days course on TrT for 30 psychologist students at Vietnam National University in Hanoi. The course was a part an exchange project funded by the Norwegian Directorate for Internationalisation (DIKU), and was one of several courses given to students as a Winter School. For Children and War Foundation, this is an exciting project as it allow TRT to be included in the pre-service training and continuous development of professionals. Although TRT was developed primarily to be used by non-specialist mental health workers and lay persons, the commitment and buy-in of specialists is very important for training and supervision of group leaders, as well as for referrals and sustainability.

About Children and War Foundation
The Children and War Foundation (CAW) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving children’s lives after wars and disasters.

When disasters and war strike, so many children are affected. CAW has developed methods which enable us to reach out to large groups of children by helping them cope with their fear and trauma.

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