News about the TRT manual

Austria: The Teaching Recovery Techniques Manual has been translated into German under the auspices of Sabine Kampmüller in Vienna. In Austria they run a number of groups in schools with many refugee children. The manual is not readily available for download as it requires attending a training course prior to using it.

Norway: The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has produced a report on their evaluation of the TRT for use with unaccompanied and accompanied minors (refugees). They conclude that the manual should be part of a chain of care for asylum-seeking and already settled children under the age of 18 years. They recommend that the manual is supplemented with material that addresses the stressors involved in the asylum process itself and in uncertainty about the future. They also recommend that the implementation of TRT should carefully integrated in the work of the organisations responsible. The report in Norwegian is available here.  Senior researcher Brit Oppedal presented the research at the ESTSS conference in Rotterdam on the 16th of June. An abstract can be found in the abstract book.

Adjusted manual: The original authors of the manual are already in the process of adjusting the manual to the needs of this special group, based on the feedback from this report and other feedback from countries where the manual is being used with minors that have fled to safety from dangerous situations in their home country.

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