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The Children and War Foundation (CAW) was established in Bergen in 2000. The aim was to help children cope after wars and natural disasters through developing evidence-based methods.

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During the civil war in former Yugoslavia, representatives from Center for Crisis Psychology in Bergen and the Institute of Psychiatry in London saw the need to identify those most in need of help. That started the work on The Teaching Recovery Techniques manual (TRT) which CAW owns, refines  and implements globally. The measures have been translated several different languages, including French, Arabic and Spanish and have been used after natural disasters and wars on four continents.

CAW promotes and supports research on short- and long-term effects and consequences of war, warlike situations and disasters on children and their families.

In 2017 the Foundation was restructured. CAW has no employees and very low administrative costs. We are 100 pst dependent of private and public donors who share our aim to efficiently help traumatised children cope and get better lives.

Read more about our history here.


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