Children and War responding to the Ukraine crisis

Children and War Foundation has been working in Ukraine since 2014. Hundreds have used our teaching Recovery Techniques with children and the screening instruments. The screening instrument CRIES-8 is translated into Ukrainian and available under resources. In late March, Children and War foundation held another training to a group in Lviev, and our partners are cascading it to hundreds more.  The updated TRT manual will soon be available in Ukrainian. The manual in English (and soon in Ukrainian) is available upon request.

CAW is now receiving many requests for the manuals and training. We strongly recommend that those who will use the TRT manual receive training.

Please go to our “Training”-section to see the latest trainings we do.  

About how we work: click here

One of the founders of CAW, professor Bill Yule, recently took part in a BBC world service programme on war trauma and mental health. You can find it here.

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