Intellectual Property Rights

The CAW Foundation has all intellectual property rights (IPR) to all manuals and other materials developed for the Foundation. It is not legal to copy these without written permission from CAW, and this also includes using parts of the material. Use of the manuals will always be dependent on making it clear, also in writing that the IPR is respected, and the CAW logo shall be included.  Reference here is made to the by-laws of the Foundation which states in article 2, paragraph 5:

“The Foundation shall make the manuals available to the public and administer training in the use and implementation of the manuals on a cost only basis. The Foundation may, however, ask organizations, agencies and others which are considered to have an adequate economic base for a contribution to maintain and further development of the manuals.”

The Children and War Foundation was established based on a need for simple screening measures and evidence-based interventions for traumatized children after war and disaster situations. Since 2000, CAW has developed several screening measures, manuals, trained more than 400 intervenors and supported research projects that evaluate our treatment tools.

The manuals which aim to reduce traumatic reactions and give children better coping strategies have been widely used around the world after wars and disasters. They have been developed to reach a large number of children in a short space of time.

Our manuals are designed to be delivered by personnel who are not necessarily very experienced in child mental health, since there may be a shortage of qualified health personnel during war and disaster situations. However, the manuals are primarily intended for use by teachers, youth workers, educators, psychologists, counsellors, community leaders or other childcare professionals after some preliminary training. We strongly advise that people using the manuals should have some training in them beforehand. We have trained several senior trainers in London and Bergen who can do this.

So far, the Foundation has developed three manuals: Teaching Recovery Techniques, Writing for Recovery Manual and a Grief Manual. There are more in development.

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