The Children and War Foundation (CAW) was established in Bergen in 2000.

The Foundation was established in Norway with the aim of promoting better evidence-based interventions to help children after wars and natural disasters.

In 1998 professionals from the Institute of Psychiatry in London, UK and the Center for Crisis Psychology in Bergen, Norway came together and developed the Teaching Recovery manual (TRT) first in a war version, and then in a disaster version (1999). Already the year it was written, the disaster version was put to use following earthquakes in Greece and Turkey.  

It is now available in several different languages, including French, Arabic and Spanish and has been used after earthquakes in Iran, India, Chile and China, the tsunami in South East Asia in 2000, as well as armed conflicts in Africa, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Iraq and Syria. The rights/IPR to TRT were transferred to CAW after the Foundation was established, and the Foundation has maintained this manual and developed other manuals and measures.

Since most wars and disasters occur in resource poor areas, CAW is determined to give away its products as cheaply as possible, while keeping all relevant rights. Therefore, with the agreement of the original copyright holders, the Foundation has made the manuals available for free to those trained in the methods. Different instruments to assess the effects of war and disasters are available to download free from our website. Instruments developed within the Foundation as well as other user-friendly instruments are available in many different languages.  We have also encouraged people to undertake proper translations and back translations and to share their findings with us. The translated measures are then added to the CAW website.

Since its beginning in 2000 the Foundation has promoted and supported research on short- and long-term effects and consequences of war, warlike situations and disasters on children and their families.

Funding and finances have always been a challenge. Through the years the CAW Foundation has received numerous private donations, income through various events, as well as funds from the Norwegian government to be able to conduct research and conduct the necessary training of people and personnel who may use the manuals and measures in their direct contact with children.   In the later years a support group in the UK has been established. This group has done a fantastic job in collecting funds for CAW as well as helping organize various kinds of events, including training of group leaders.

In 2017 the Foundation was restructured and obtained its present organization with one Board of Directors (BOD), deciding overall strategy and budget, and one Board of Research and Implementation (BRI) responsible for the development and use of manuals and questionnaires, giving advice on which projects to support and handling requests for training.

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