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The children of Syria

The Children and War Foundation try to do what it can to train group leaders that can help children inside Syria and in refugee camps in neighbouring countries. We know that if we teach children techniques to counteract posttraumatic reactions, it can make a difference.

While trying to reach more children we are in contact with professionals and others inside and outside of Syria and learn about the consequences of the war on children. Some of the stories and pictures we receive tear up our hearts and impress on our minds. With permission we share a mail from Nasser, one of the dedicated people who try to do something for the children inside Syria. We have decided not to show the accompanying pictures of the dead children here on the website, but they vividly show how horrible war is on children. We can only imagine how such images imprint on the mind of children who survive but live through such “attacks” on their senses. It is so good that people like Nasser work to help them.


Dear …

I wish you are well.

I want to tell you sad stories that happen to children in the city of Maarat al-Nu’man – Idlib province – northern Syria.

I hope these stories and pictures reach to the media.

Yesterday Friday, 22/2/2019 at 4:45 pm.

The city of Ma’arat al-Nu’man was bombed by the highly-explosive rockets from the Syrian army camps.

While children were playing in the street, a rocket landed near them, killing four children.

Three children of one family did not remain of this family except mother and father. When the news of the death of the children came to the father, the father cried a lot, and said, God, leave me one child.

Another child died. This child was the only one of his family who came to this world after nine years of marriage between his father and his mother.

We live in Idlib province with fear and horror.

At any moment a rocket might fall and kill innocent people.

I hope these pictures reach the media.

All the Best