The Children and War Foundation is a charity registered in Norway (Ref:882 577 252) and recognised by HMRC (Ref; NO2) to receive Gift Aid on donations from UK taxpayers

Common reactions after war and disaster:

  • nervousness
  • jumpiness, especially at loud noises
  • fears
  • worries
  • anxiety
  • frightened to go outside
  • withdrawal
  • depression
  • crying easily
  • getting upset over minor things
  • not wanting to play
  • irritable, quick to anger
  • temper tantrums
  • restless
  • problems concentrating
  • problems sleeping
  • nightmares

War reactions:

  • playing war games
  • bereavement reactions
  • fear of death of other family members
  • lost interest in the things they do
  • moodiness or rapid mood changes
  • images come back during daytime