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Workshop on Post Trauma Management, in Peshawar

From 29th of September to the 3rd of October this year there was a training workshop on “Post Trauma Management” held in Peshawar, Pakistan, based on the manual “Children and Disaster, Teaching Recovery Techniques” developed by Children and War Foundation. The workshop was organized by Horizon Welfare Agency and Ibadat Hospital, Peshawar in collaboration with World Psychiatric Association (WPA), World Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation (WAPR), The Royal College of Psychiatrists and Pakistan Psychiatric Research Centre, Fountain House,

Mark Pharmaceuticals, Children and War Foundation and University of the Punjab. The team of resource persons was from Institute of Applied Psychology (IAP), Centre for Clinical Psychology (CCP) University of the Punjab Lahore and Behria University Islamabad. A team of 6 psychologists headed by Nazia Bashir conducted this workshop on behalf of Children & War Foundation Bergen Norway and Kings College London. Children and War Foundation trained the professionals of CCP on this manual in 2013 and currently a reasonable number of professionals are equipped to provide this group intervention following manmade and natural disasters in Pakistan. This training workshop on Post Trauma Management was planned to observe the needs of professionals regarding trauma management specifically with reference to the terrorist attack at the Army Public School Peshawar. You can read the written report here.

Trainings in Nepal

Children and War provided trainings in Nepal in the month of July. The first training was held by Unni Heltne from Children and War for Global Action Nepal –staff, Youth Volunteers and partner organisations in Nepal on the 18th and 19th of July. It also counted with the extra support from Kamal Chowdhury, a Psychologist from Bangladesh, who has worked in partnership with Children and War Foundation for many years, and has a greater understanding of the local culture. Global Action Nepal (GAN) works in many districts of Nepal that were heavily affected by the earthquake, such as Kavre, Solukhumbu, Kathmandu, Laliptur and Lamjung. The second training was held on the 28th and 29th of July, and was given by Unni and 3 members of GAN who had received the initial training. It was offered to the 30 Youth Volunteers who had been receiving multiple training sessions as their preparation for a 6-month deployment to 5 of the most earthquake affected districts. This training focused on a simplified approach in aiding children to relax and deal with bad memories and bad dreams. It also concentrated on how to identify and refer children with more severe traumas to professionals. You can read the written report here.


Trainings conducted in Nepal

Trainer Unni Heltne (psychologist) have completed several workshops to teach Nepalese professionals to lead groups for children and adolescents in the evidence based manual Children and disasters. Teaching Recovery Techniques. This manual has been used with very good results following previous earthquakes and hopefully this effort will secure good help in reducing trauma among children. Successive group trainings will now be arranged for professionals recruited and coordinated by the NGO Global Action Nepal, whose staff will be participating in the trainings. Dr Kamal Choudhry from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh was Heltne’s co-trainer at the first training in Kathmandu. The Norwegian Foreign Ministry have paid for the trainers, while local partners paid for other costs.


CAW in Nepal

Children and War Foundation collaborates with different organizations to provide help following the Nepal earthquake. Read more here.

CRIES-13 in Polish

Thanks to Marta Wojciechowska and Ewa Plesowicz, we have now added a Polish version of the Children’s Revised Impact of Event Scale, 13 item version.

Danish version of CRIES-8 and cPTCI added

Thanks to Ditte Bruun Eriksen and colleagues we have now added a Danish version of the CRIES-8 and the cPTCI. We are very grateful for the work they have done.

Kurdish version of CRIES-8 added

Dr. Nashmeel Rasool HamahAmeen has kindly offered us a Kurdish translation of Children’s Revised Impact of Event Scale (CRIES-8). We are very grateful for this contribution, and you can find the translation here.

New sponsor

Sivert Straume and Bypsykologene have graciously decided to sponsor CAW with NOK 75000 yearly. We are very thankful for this large donation that will help us achieve our goal of building knowledge and helping children who experience war and disaster.

TRT Training in Baghdad

A Teaching Recovery Techniques (TRT) training took place at Baghdad Teaching Hospital in Baghdad on the 7th and 8th of January 2015. The training was led by Dr Numan Ali, FRCPsych and supported by board member Tori Snell by video conference. Nine mental health professionals participated. The training was hosted by the Department of Psychiatry and a psychological trauma center based in the hospital.

Training in Lviv, Ukraine 11 and 12 October 2014

Responding to requests for training in Teaching Recovery Techniques, Elin Hordvik and Bill Yule conducted a two-day training for 20 participants at the Catholic University in Lviv. The invitation came from Dr Oleg Romatchuk and Dr Dennis Ougrin, both child psychiatrists . They have set up a network of CBT therapists across Ukraine and provide regular supervision. The therapists work mainly with adult clients and this training was in response to the need to work with groups of children affected by the fighting in the east of Ukraine and in Kiev. Read more »