The Children and War Foundation is a charity registered in Norway (Ref:882 577 252) and recognised by HMRC (Ref; NO2) to receive Gift Aid on donations from UK taxpayers



The Children and War Foundation is a non-profit organisation that aims to improve the lives of children after war and disasters by providing study-based coping strategies and supporting research proposals. Since its establishment in Bergen in 2000, CAW has developed measures which enable large groups of children to be reached after wars and disasters, and children at high risk to be identified quickly after a traumatic event.

The Teaching Recovery Manual is widely used, and it has been used after earthquakes in Greece, Turkey, Iran, tsunami in South East Asia, conflicts in Africa, Sri Lanka and in Palestine. The evidence-based exercises have been demonstrated to have a wide applicability and to work in varying cultures. It also enables intervenors to help large groups of children.

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Some achievements to date:

  • 42,500 people were helped during the 15 months after the 2003 Bam earthquake. The results showed that 85 per cent improved meaningfully.
  • Around 460 intervenors have been trained.
  • CAW has trained intervenors across the globe in London, Bergen, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Chile, Palestine, China and other places
  • Feedback from 16 intervenors who participated at training for teacher counsellors in Sri Lanka reported that they had gone on to work with 8,000 children who had been affected both by the civil war and the tsunami.
  • We have supported research projects on psychological distress among children and adolescents in Kosovo, adolescents trauma screening in Nairobi to effects of specific recall training in Iran, to mention some.
  • Available measures and instruments on our website.