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Other measures

Instrument to assess traumatic events

Childhood War Trauma Questionnaire (CWTQ)
Child Trauma Screening Questionnaire (CTSQ)

Instrument to assess distress

Child Psychosocial Distress Screener assesses non-specific child psychosocial distress and the likelihood of need for psychosocial treatment. The instrument is developed as a primary screener in conflict affected community settings, for children between 8 and 14 years old.

Child Psychosocial Distress Screener [CPDS]
Psychosocial care for children

Fear Survey Schedule for Children (FSSC-R)

English version (Ollendick)
Parent Version

Inventory of Prolonged Grief

Inventory of Prolonged Grief assess symptoms of prolonged or complicated grief. There is one version for children (ages 8 through 12 years) and one version for adolescents (for ages 13 through 18 years), both with 30items. Information about the instruments are found by going to the reference at the bottom of the questionnaire.

English translation of IPG for Adolescents

English translation of IPG for Children

Other fear instruments (SCARED)

The Self-Report for Childhood Anxiety Related Disorders – Child form
The Self-Report for Childhood Anxiety Related Disorders – Parent form

Crisis Support Scale for children

Crisis Support Scale – Danish version

Some other links for instruments

Centrum 45: instruments for assessment of psychosocial problems of refugee adolescents
Infant Institute – Information for assessing preschool children
National Center for PTSD - Assessment Tools
National Child Traumatic Stress Network – Search the measures

Instruments for adults

Impact of event scale (Mardi Horowitz’ original 15 item version)
The crisis support scale


Exposure to War Stressors Questionnaire

Arabic version (Syria)