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Evaluation of the Recovery Manual across Palestinian Schools Phase 2

The Children and War Foundation in partnership with Dr Ghassan Abdallah, Centre for Applied Research in Education, Ramallah and Dr Ian Barron, University of Dundee, are embarking on the second phase of the trauma recovery project in the occupied Palestinian territories. Given the significant reduction in PTSD and other trauma related symptoms in children following the delivery of the TRT programme in Nablus (Barron, Abdallah and Smith, 2012) the TRT programme is to delivered throughout the West Bank. In coordination with the Ministry of Education training will be provided for school counsellors from each of the key locations (Ramallah, Hebron and Jenin).

A supervision structure will be established including expert and peer support for counsellors. Project evaluation will involve a comparative efficacy study (with the previous Nablus initiative); a survey of the nature and extent of children’s dissociation (a key aspect of developmental trauma); a measure of cost-effectiveness; an assessment of children’s coping capacity in the longer term; and a robust measure of programme fidelity.

Twenty four school counsellors be trained in delivering the TRT programme. This will enable eight counsellors to be trained from Jenin, Ramallah and Hebron respectively. Taking into account the counsellors trained in Nablus, this will cover the north south east and west of the occupied Palestinian territories (West Bank) with a total of 44 trained counsellors. To foster collaborative learning and peer supervision it will be important that at least two counsellors will be available to deliver the programme in any location. As a consequence of proposed training it is anticipated over the year over 800 children aged 11-14 years will have been screened for PTSD and at least 240 children will have received the TRT programme.