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Edica, 13 years, Bosnia

edicaWe met Edica in Samobor, a refugee-camp in a Croatian town, with Bosnian refugees. After being part of a talking-group she approached us directly, and said that she had a terrible problem.

She knew her father was dead, but she could not really believe it. She was bothered day and night by this indistinct and obscure confusion. The Serbs had come to her village and collected some of the males, mostly fathers, and taken them to the forest. Then they heard the sound of shootings.
When the dark came, they ran to the forest and found the bodies half-buried by leaves and branches.

Her mother ran to one of them and screamed because she recognized the face of her husband, Edisa’s father. They ran back and fled from the area. Now, she could not really realize that her father was dead. Maybe he was still living alone in the dark forest.