The Children and War Foundation is a charity registered in Norway (Ref:882 577 252) and recognised by HMRC (Ref; NO2) to receive Gift Aid on donations from UK taxpayers


We would be delighted if you’re able to donate some of your time for the Children and War Foundation. We always welcome help with fundraising so we can sponsor more projects, but we are also looking for translations and relevant photos.

We are currently looking for translators who speak Russian, Dari, Khmer, Tamil, Pashto, Hindi, Urdu, Sorani, Javanese or Portuguese to translate our measures. If you speak another language, and would like to help us please drop us a line and tell us something about your background. Please note that all the translations have to be properly back-translated before we can add them to our website. If you don’t have a back-translator available, that’s ok too.

If you have a skill or idea that we haven’t mentioned and you think you can help us, please call or contact us on