The Children and War Foundation is a charity registered in Norway (Ref:882 577 252) and recognised by HMRC (Ref; NO2) to receive Gift Aid on donations from UK taxpayers

Advisory Group

The Board of Directors decided to form an advisory board of clinical, training and research experts in June 2007. This group has been selected for their previous contribution to the development of procedures that can help traumatized children or because of their extensive training experience within the field of children involved in war or disaster.

The following persons have agreed to be part of the advisory group:

  • Tim Dalgleish
  • Kim Ehntholt
  • Ioanna Giannopoulou
  • Leila Gupta
  • Elin Hordvik
  • Richard Meiser-Stedman
  • Frank Neuner
  • Jamie Pennebaker
  • Sean Perrin
  • Raija Leena Punamaki
  • Paul Stallard
  • Marianne Straume
  • David Trickey
  • Arnold van Emmerick
  • Teghi Yasamy
  • Rukhsana Kausar