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TRT Training of Trainers in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

22 November, 2016

From the 26th to the 28th October 2016 there was a training of trainers (ToT) on the Teaching Recovery Techniques manual, which was developed by the Children and War Foundation.  The workshop was organised by the Social Support Society. The training was delivered by Dr. Masa Al-kurdi, a trainer from the Foundation.  The training was held in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, in one of the Lebanese primary schools where the TRT team teach Syrian refugees.

About the TRT Team:

The team selected for the ToT TRT workshop were first trained by Dr. Masa in January 2016.  Following the training the team went on to implement a total of three TRT cycles.  Through their implementation they have helped 1,000 children and their parents with the TRT program (January-November 2016).  From the 18 team members that began the TRT, 14 participants took part in the ToT TRT workshop.  All implementation of the TRT took place with Syrian refugees, with children who attend some of the Lebanese primary schools in the Bekaa valley area. After successful implementations and requests to expand their work, a ToT TRT workshop was planned.

The Training:

The training was held in one of the selected schools of implementation for a total of 3 days.  The first training day was spent debriefing the TRT implementation – including feedback, concerns, suggestions and recommendations.  An introduction for the following training days was provided and a group outing was made to build team work.  The second and third training day were spent on building the capacity of the TRT team to train teams on the TRT manual.  Supplementary training material to guide the team were developed by Dr. Masa.  The supplementary material serve as a script for delivering the TRT program to first-time users.

During the training explanations of the TRT training sessions were given, and participants had the chance to demonstrate their trainer skills through practical exercises in front of the group.  All participants received feedback on ways in which they can improve their trainer skills and knowledge.  Participants were also trained on how to train others on the selected pre and post survey measures, as well as data entry, analyses and reporting, and they were instructed on best ways to supervise implementing groups in the future.

Despite not having any background knowledge in mental health, the participants demonstrated excellent training abilities. They showed that they have expertise in the TRT manual and all its techniques.  Due to the vast experience gained in past TRT implementations, all participants had memorised the manual and rarely needed to refer to the printed manual to know the sequence of the TRT sessions or techniques.  The training, however, helped them explain the manual and its techniques from a trainer point of view – helping them explain the purpose of sessions/techniques and understand ways to make the links between techniques as they moved through the sessions.

Participants reported overall positive feedback on the TRT manual and the great benefit it has had on children and parents.  They were very pleased to have accomplished three cycles and now can go on and train and manage other TRT implementations.  The training boosted their confidence and empowered them to make a wider difference using the TRT.

Future Plans:

After the successful implementation of the training, the plan is to train 7 groups of TRT implementers – each two members of the TRT team will supervise their trainees.  The aim is to help a total of 10,000 children by the end of 2017.


Key Outcomes:

  • Participants demonstrated vast knowledge and skills on the TRT program.
  • An additional 14 master trainers on the TRT program situated in Lebanon.
  • A social outing that helped build team bonding.
  • Contact with the TRT Greece team was made – the Lebanon and the Greece TRT teams exchanged audio-recorded messages to support and encourage each other and developed a united Syrian TRT team work.
  • With the success of the workshop, 10,000 children and their parents will be helped by the end of 2017!

Special Thanks:

  • Social Support Society for investing the funds and time in the TRT program and for having a long-term forward thinking vision to help more children.
  • The TRT team for their hard work in delivering the TRT program and for their continued commitment to further develop the program to benefit more trainees, children and parents.
  • Mohamed Jawish – the project manager – for his hard work in managing the TRT cycles, his organisational skills, ongoing support and dedication helped make the success of this project.
  • The Children and War Foundation for their ongoing support to teams on the ground and ensuring that the TRT reaches as many people as possible.

Reported by: Dr. Masa Al-kurdi (November, 2016)