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Training in Lviv, Ukraine 11 and 12 October 2014

31 October, 2014

Responding to requests for training in Teaching Recovery Techniques, Elin Hordvik and Bill Yule conducted a two-day training for 20 participants at the Catholic University in Lviv. The invitation came from Dr Oleg Romatchuk and Dr Dennis Ougrin, both child psychiatrists . They have set up a network of CBT therapists across Ukraine and provide regular supervision. The therapists work mainly with adult clients and this training was in response to the need to work with groups of children affected by the fighting in the east of Ukraine and in Kiev.

60 people had requested the training but in order to ensure that skills were transmitted, the number was restricted to 20. The 20 were selected to be most likely to use the training with children soon. Each was tasked with training others who had requested training. A Ukrainian translation of the latest version of the TRT manual and workbook had been previously circulated. The rationale of the training, the philosophy of the approach to children and the specific exercises were demonstrated and discussed both in the whole group and in smaller working groups. The participants were well grounded in basic CBT approaches and clearly had experience of working with children and families.

The importance of sticking to the manual for the first few trainings was emphasised and participants were recommended to undertake pilot studies with a few children as quickly as possible. Again, the importance of undertaking pre- and post-assessments was emphasised.

The immediate feedback from participants was very good. We are grateful to Oleg and Dennis for their hospitality, and to the three translators – Jana, Katerina and Dennis. We are also grateful as ever to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for sponsoring the training.