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How we help young Syrians (and how you can help)

6 November, 2012

The Children and War Foundation will hold two trainings to help affected young people in Syrian refugee camps.

About 60 local professionals will be trained in how to run the Teaching Recovery Techniques with young refugees from Syria.

The bulk of the workshop costs are generously met by a grant from the Norwegian Government, but further funds are needed to assist with running costs. Supporters can make donations towards children in Syria via PayPal. We will post updates about the training and groups that are run.

Masa Al-Kurdi who is coordinating the training in the refugee camp has written a letter about the conflict in a recent issue of the Psychologist.

“It is heart warming to read Masa Al-kurdi’s letter providing testimony to the worth of our efforts for Syrian refugees, board member William Yule says.

Whenever the Foundation is contacted by people who wants to help young people who are affected by wars and disasters, we advise that they link up with established governmental services and NGOs. When we are asked for advise we put them in touch with others. The Foundation shares its manuals and measures where appropriate, whilst recommending that people using the material should get some training in the group intervention approaches.

Masa Al-Kurdi says:¬†”The Children and War Foundation has extended its support on the project, and has put us in contact with the clinical psychologists in Turkey (one of whom works in the Turkish Red Crescent). The Foundation has validated and translated instruments to measure trauma and other mental health problems and has produced a manual to use in providing coping skills for the children in the refugee camps. It has also offered to provide training on these techniques using the manual for our volunteers.”

Masa Al-kurdi’s letter can be read here.