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Useful manual, participants say

13 May, 2012

Many participants at a recent training in Teaching Recovery Techniques in Lahore expressed that the practical angle of the training and the material was very useful for them,  our trainers say.

Unni Heltne and Elin Mæhle trained 23 participants in Lahore at the University of Punjab 22-24 April.

“In the training we took special care to add practical exercises and to emphasis the importance of sticking to the manual. This would be especially important when they are going to train others
without the same background as themselves, who would have to rely heavily on the manual,” says Hjeltne and Mæhle.

The participants came from several places in Pakistan and had backgrounds as psychologists and psychiatrists. There was also a psychiatrist, a psychologist and an MD from Kabul. Many of the psychologists worked at the University in Punjab in the departments of Clinical Psychology and Applied Psychology. Some of the psychologists from outside the University worked in the army, and some with homeless children.

CAW trainers were impressed

“We were very impressed by the knowledge and commitment of the participants and deeply touched and impressed by the warm and welcoming way we were received. The training was exceptionally well prepared and organized, thanks to Dr. Rukhsana and her staff.”
In a group discussion the last day the participants made impressive concrete and realistic plans for the continuation of the training! They also formed a group and appointed a contact person so that they could continue to share experiences and support one another.