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Hero sponsor for new handbook

3 August, 2011

Writing for RecoveryWe are happy to report that Hero Norge has decided to be one of the sponsors of a new handbook. Children and War Foundation will develop a handbook for parents and caretakers aimed to prevent traumatic symptoms in children aged 0-6 years after wars and disasters.

While there are a diversity of manuals available to help school-age children following war and disasters, there are very few practical tools available to address the need of small children. Although there is much research to base good, practical advise to parents on following disasters, this needs to be worked into a practical tool or handbook that parents other child caretakers can use to support children following large scale natural or man-made disasters.

Hero Norge operates asylum centres in Norway, and hopes the new handbook can be useful for the organisation:

“Hero Norge sees the value in your work and especially the value of a handbook which can help parents take care of their children. We hope the handbook can be an important tool to for parents who live in reception centres.”

Children and War Foundation is still calling for more sponsors for this project and other projects, please check out our donation page if you want to help.