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“Very useful training “

24 June, 2011

20110712-IMG_1458Participants at a workshop in Finland last week said it was very useful to support Japanese children. It was also a unique occasion that brought Japanese psychiatrists, psychologists and pediatricians together to work and share the same education and the same focus, Unni Heltne reports.

Heltne conducted the Teaching Recovery Techniques workshop for 18 participants from Japan. The two day training included a brief presentation on grief, as the attendants were especially interested in helping grieving children. “The traditional way of handling death and mourning rituals could have elements that can be soothing for grieving children, “Heltne said and thought it could be a good base for good intervention based on what is already there, combined with informing and preparing the children.

Planning a workshop in Japan

The Japanese trainers will become core members to develop more trainers in Japan. They’re already planning a training.

“We are sure that it will be very much useful for us to support children and families suffered in Tohoku area in Japan. Now we are very much clear what to do next,”said Takeshi Ujiie.

This Children and War response workshop was funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.