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Rescue and acute help first priority

13 March, 2011

As the search relief efforts and efforts to reach survivors after the huge earthquake and tsunami in Japan is taking place, Children and War Foundation says rescue and acute psychosocial assistance is the focus for Japanese children now.

“The focus now is on rescue and acute psychosocial assistance”, says Atle Dyregrov, Board member and director of Centre for Crisis Psychology in Bergen and adds, “I hope that our resources will be put to use at a later time.”

Many children who are affected by a disaster develop traumatic symptoms and post traumatic stress disorders after experiencing life-threatening situations. They can have troubles sleeping, nightmares, problems concentrating, separation anxiety or getting upset over minor things. Read more about common reactions of children after disaster.

Children and War has developed several group psychological assistance manuals which reduce traumatic symptoms and help children cope after disasters. These can be used at different stages following the earthquake and tsunami, but that should follow proper local assessment and come at a later date.