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CRIES justified in first Chinese study

23 February, 2011

The first empirical study of the reliability and utility of Children’s Revised Impact of Events Scale (CRIES) in mainland China has justified the use of the instrument as a screening instrument for post traumatic stress symptom, according to the authors.

High levels of post traumatic stress symptoms were found among two sample groups, which were conducted respectively one and seven months after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in one of the most severely affected areas. 585 participants aged 10-17 took part in the first sample, and 1,033 aged 10-18, in the second.

The aim was to evaluate the psychometric properties of the Chinese version of CRIES, providing further evidence on the cross-cultural validity and utility of CRIES as a self- report screening assessment among children and adolescents. Previous research have rarely reported cross-cultural validity of the PTSD scales.

The study Factor structure of the Children’s Revised Impact of Event Scale among children and adolescents who survived the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China by Nina Shang, Yuqing Zhang, Kankan Wu, Zhuohong Zhu and Atle Dyregrov was published in Scandinavian Journal of Psychology in February 2011.