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TRT training in Bangladesh

12 January, 2011

Two psychologists will train a core group in our Teaching Recovery Techniques (TRT) in Bangladesh.

A group of approximately 20 trainers will be trained 23-31 January. They will then go on to train others. The aim is to prepare a pool of trainers who can help children immediately after disasters.

Atle Dyregrov and Unni Heltne from Centre for Crisis Psychology in Bergen will train the core group in the TRT method. In addition to the TRT training, Dyregrov will give an introduction on how catastrophes influence children and how traumas influence various body functions, including the brain’s development, whilst Heltne will talk about children and domestic violence.

Later they will also also train mental health professionals how to help the children who require more help than the group manual TRT provides.

“We will also monitor the trainers, to ensure they teach the TRT methods in an appropriate manner, ” Board member Dyregrov says.

This will be carried out by BRAC Bangladesh. The project is organised by Asian Disaster Preparedness Center and funded by Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.