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Recovery Techniques help children in Myanmar after cyclone

12 November, 2010

Muscle Relaxation ExerciseA group of child survivors who lost at least one family member to the Nargis cyclone, found the recovery techniques useful, a study from Myanmar shows.

The study, which was conducted by Charles Sim and Maria Plengsangtip, was presented at the International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) in Montreal, Canada last week.

Twenty-six children aged 6 to 17 years participated in a four-day workshop in Myanmar in December 2008, seven months after a tropical cyclone hit the southern part of the country. Each of the children lost at least one family member in the cyclone.

The Children’s Impact of Event Scale, CRIES 13, was translated into Myanmar, and was used to assess the re-experiencing of the traumatic events before and immediately after the workshop including a six month follow-up post test.

The participants found the recovery techniques useful, according to a report provided by Charles and Maria for the ISTSS presentation.

They’ve kindly given us permission to share the report on the study and its conclusions on our website: Teaching Recovery Techniques to Children after Disaster Yangon, Myanmar December 2008.