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Presenting grief manual in Milan

7 October, 2010

manual1Atle Dyregrov will present the development of the grief manual for bereaved children at a symposium in Milan.

He will present “Helping bereaved children following disasters” at the Congress of European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT) 8 October.

Four experienced psychologists, Atle Dyregrov, William Yule, Frances Kraus and Marianne Straume, gathered earlier this year to develop a manual for bereaved children in disaster situations.

The new grief manual will have the potential of helping many disaster bereaved children as there currently are no available manuals for helping them.  In line with the Foundation’s aim, trials and studies will be conducted to ensure the manual keeps what it promises.

The group bereavement manual has been funded by Psychaid, a fundraising campaign by Norwegian psychology students.