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Plan to spread the manual

10 February, 2010

Psycosocial Group PhotoThe participants who were trained in the Teaching Recovery Technique manual in Bangkok in January, report that they intend to spread the use of the manual.

Atle Dyregrov and William Yule trained 27 participants from Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, China, Bangladesh, Nepal and the Philippines at the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center.

The participants represented various organisations and institutions such as the Red Cross, Save the Children and hospitals.

One of the Nepalese participants told us that he intends to run disaster recovery teaching sessions in seven project districts of Nepal. “I hope this new tool will help our children to be healed psycho-socially,” he said. Another participant intends to train psychology students in using the manual as the main resource when working with clients in real situations, under supervision. This will benefit those in prison, in orphanage or survivors of disasters.

The training was funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.