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Query to help Haitians

14 January, 2010

The Foundation is already receiving queries regarding help to Haitian children who have been affected by the devastating earthquake in the capital Port-au-Prince Tuesday.

Thousands are feared dead and up to three million affected, according to the BBC.

The Foundation has developed study-based coping strategies which enable large groups of children to be reached after wars and disasters, and children at high risk to be identified quickly after a traumatic event.

The Teaching Recovery Manual has been used after earthquakes in Greece, Turkey and Iran with great results. 42,500 people were helped during the 15 months after the Bam earthquake. Results showed that 85 per cent improved meaningfully.

One of the founders of the Foundation and director of the Centre for Crisis Psychology in Bergen, Atle Dyregrov, says that the Foundation will respond positively to requests for training, but that the Group Psychological Assistance training that the Foundation can offer, should follow proper local assessment and come at a later date.

“The focus now is on rescue and provision for water etc”, says Atle Dyregrov and adds, “I hope that we can train trainers at a later time.”