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Many Kenyan children struggle

4 December, 2009


Photo by Helge Søvdsnes.

“Many children are still struggling from the consequences of the violence from Kenyan elections last year,” our team reports after conducting a training in Nairobi recently.

Psychologists dr. philos Atle Dyregrov and Professor Emeritus William Yule from the Foundation trained 24 carefully selected psychologists and school counsellors in a training that was funded by the Norwegian Foreign Ministry.

The group consisted of mainly psychologists who work closely with children who experienced the violence in the aftermath of the Kenyan election.

“Many children are still struggling from the consequences of this violence,” our team reports back. In addition, a great number of children experience traumatic events related to domestic violence and a high level of violence, as well as many traffic deaths.

The participants received training in the Teaching Recovery Technique Manual, which has been developed by the Foundation.”This will enable them to work with groups of children. They can also use the training in other settings where children are exposed to traumatic events”, Atle Dyregrov says.

The Foundation has previously mapped the consequences of the violence at several schools in Kenya. The school counsellors who were trained this time can help reduce the after effects of children who struggle.

One of the participants, will be able to train others upon return to Rwanda. There are also plans to implement the trainings in Uganda by participants who attended this seminar.