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Graca Machel: Challenges ahead

31 December, 2009

The Graca Machel Report 2009, which aims to inspire to action to improve the lives of children in conflict, concludes that there are challenges ahead. It says that more than one billion children under the age of 18 were living in areas in conflict or emerging from war.

An estimated 300 million of these, were under the age of five and more than 18 million children were refugees or internally displaced.

The report says that whilst there is an increased global awareness about the deliberate violations against children in armed conflicts. “However, appalling consequences that stem from the complex interplay of conflict, poverty and discrimination are often overlooked.

The report, Machel Study 10-year strategic review: Children and conflict in a changing world, was published by UNICEF earlier this year, and aims to inspire action to improve the lives of children in conflict.