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Progress on Gaza-project

17 November, 2009

Evaluation of Writing for Recovery was scheduled to start earlier this year, but Israeli bombardments damaged the schools included in the project, and delayed the project. Psychology graduate students, Ida Lange-Nielsen and Silje Kolltveit, who have developed the project, have now applied for visas, and interventions are scheduled to start November and December 2009.

The aim is to reduce post-traumatic stress in adolescents in Gaza and evaluate the effect of the group intervention “Writing for Recovery“.

In addition, Dr. Thabet, Professor of Child Psychiatry-Child Institute at Al Quds University, who is responsible for implementing the project in Gaza, in collaboration with the Child and Family Training and Counseling Center in Gaza, is training assistants who will gather data in the schools, a progress reports says.

Around 120 participants aged 13-17 will be recruited from four schools in Gaza City.

A research group at the University of Bergen will assist with scientific evaluation of the psychological interventions.
Erlend Draget, who has a BA in Comparative Politics from the University of Bergen will assist the students as a research assistant in Gaza. He has previously held a position for the project “Children in Bergen”.