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Presenting the manuals

12 June, 2009

The foundation will run a workshop during the European Conference on Traumatic Stress as part of the pre-conference program. Atle Dyregrov and William Yule will train a group of professionals on using the manuals which have been developed under the Foundation’s auspices.

The “Teaching recovery Techniques” is a manual where children who have experienced war or disaster through a limited number of group sessions are taught strategies that aim to reduce post-traumatic symptoms (PTS). Several studies have shown that the procedure lowers PTS.

The “Writing for recovery” manual is the other manual to be presented during the workshop. Currently several studies are underway to document the utility of this manual. The focus will be on the practical use of the manuals and the challenges involved in training and using such manuals.

Experiences from training and intervention situations involving among others; refugee adolescents in the Middle East, young earthquake survivors in China, and young people in Sri Lanka, will be used to illustrate obstacles and opportunities in helping young populations.