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Children under fire

29 May, 2009

Buddha Collapsed out of Shame.Two films, Children under Fire and Buddha Collapsed out of Shame, portray how children are affected by wars in respectively Bosnia and Afghanistan.

Two of our Board members, child psychologists Magne Raundalen and Atle Dyregrov, talked to child refugees from Bosnia. They tried to help the children deal with the atrocities they had experienced.

The documentary Children under Fire was shown at the Amsterdam Documentary Film festival.

A seven-year-old Bosnian refugee, wants to take revenge on the soldiers that attacked his village. Edisa witnessed her father being murdered, and is haunted by the feeling that he is still alive. She is encouraged to write a goodbye letter to him.

They are a few of the many children whose lives were disrupted by the war. Magne Raundalen estimates that about 1,5 million children in former Yugoslavia are traumatised by their wartime experiences. If action is not taken on an international level, their agony and that of children in other wars will only increase.

Buddha collapsed out of Shame

Buddha Collapsed out of ShameAn Iranian film, Buddha collapsed out of shame, by Hanaf Makhmalbaf portrays how the war can affect children in Afghanistan. The film is filmed on location at the foot of the Buddha statues in Bamyan. A young girl wants to go to school and learn to read and write, but is met with everything but encouragement. Boys playing talibans threathen to kill her.