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Writing manual developed by the Children and War Foundation

2 April, 2009

In April 2005 several of the experts of written and verbal expression following trauma were brought together in Bergen, Norway to see whether a writing manual for adolescents who experience war or disaster could be developed. The following experts were present:

Dr. James W. Pennebaker, professor of psychology at the University of Texas, Austin, USA
Dr. Arnold van Emmerik, assistent professor of psychology at the University of Amsterdam, Netherland
Dr. Frank Neuner, professor of psychology University of Konstanz, Germany
Dr. William Yule, professor of psychology, Institute of Psychiatry, London, England
Magne Raundalen, psychologist, Center for Crisis Psychology, Bergen, Norway
Co-ordinator: Dr. Atle Dyregrov, Center for Crisis Psychology, Bergen, Norway
The meeting was sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Norway. During the meeting the group developed the manual: Writing for recovery. A manual for structured writing after disaster and war. This manual is the property of the Children and War Foundation. We now want to perform field trials to see the utility of the manual following traumatic events and those interested in conducting proper trials can contact us at:

Thanks to Tori Snell the manual was field tested in March, 2007 among displaced Iraqis living in Amman, Jordan. Experiences from the field test were presented at the European Conference on Traumatic Stress in Opatija, Croatia in June 2007. Final assessments will be made in August, but as parents can have influenced adolescents to report higher distress thinking this could affect their stay in Jordan, another field trial is necessary before conclusions about the manual’s possible use can be drawn.