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Manual used in Finland and Iran

2 April, 2009

In Finland Kirsti Pekkarinen, Raija-Leena Punamäki and Soili Poijula have used the Teaching Recovery Techniques manual with a group of boys who were sexually abused by the same perpetrator. The results show that there was a significant reduction of posttraumatic symptoms when measured by the Children’s Impact of Event Scale (CRIES-13) and a significant reduction of depression as measured by the Beck Depression Inventory (R-BDI). The results were presented at the European Conference on Traumatic Stress in Opatia, Croatia in June 2007.

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Pekkarinen, K., Punamäki, R-L., Poijula, S. (2007). Psychoeducative Trauma-Focused Group For Sexually Abused Boys. Truth and Trust after Trauma, 10th ECOTS, Book of Abstracts.

Pekkarinen, K. (2007). Psychoeducative Trauma-Focused Group Intervention for Sexually Abused Boys, Licentiate thesis, University of Tampere, Department of Psychology,
At the same conference dr Yasami and dr. Gudarzi presented their findings on the use of the Recovery Manual with 42,000 survivors in Iran. The presentation was very well received. Dr Yasamy is now working with WHO, based in Cairo and with responsibility for mental health in Eastern Mediterranean, including Pakistan.