The Children and War Foundation is a charity registered in Norway (Ref:882 577 252) and recognised by HMRC (Ref; NO2) to receive Gift Aid on donations from UK taxpayers

CAW attends Psychaid events

2 April, 2009

Atle Dyregrov participates at an event thrown by Psychaid, the psychology students’ fundraising organisation, today on behalf of the foundation, which is the recipient of this Psychaid’s 2009 collection.

Dyregrov will talk to psychology students at the University in Oslo on the 19th of March. A week later, he will attend an international seminar in Tromsø together with the physician Mads Gilbert.

Mr. Gilbert will focus on how children’s situation in Gaza in January, whilst Mr. Dyregrov will put Gaza into perspective and talk about what happens with children in wars and catastrophes. This event is free, and will take place at Kulturhuset in Tromsø.

These events are part of the Psychaid’s 2009 charity fundraising. The collection takes place the 27th and 28th March in Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim and Tromsø. The students run Psychaid on a voluntary basis.