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An Iranian-based project gets support

14 April, 2009

The foundation has decided to financially support a project lead by Hamid T. Neshat Doost on the Effects of specific recall training on the improvement of mood and autobiographical memory in Afghanian war-affected bereaved children and adolescents.

Mr. Neshat is based at the Department of Psychology at the University of Isfahan in Iran.
The Children’s Impact of Event Scale is one of the instruments that will be administered at pretest, post test and follow up. Instruments also include the AMT, MFQ and RCMAS.
The study is planned to be completed within one year.

Mr. Neshat will first study the extent of over-general autobiographical memory in Afghan children and adolescents. They will be divided into three groups and compared: depressed with parental death, non-depressed with parental death, and normal controls without parental death.

The second stage of the study Mr. Neshat will consist of sixty children and adolescents with a depression score higher than the cut-off score. They will participate in recall training where the autobiographical memory and three types of recall: general, extended and specific, will be taught through several examples and practices. The specific recall training will consist of five sessions (each 75 minutes). The post test will be administered after the last session of training and the follow-up will be taken two months after the post test.